10 Top 24 Foot Camper With King Size Bed

by Jun 14, 2022Camping, Blog, RV

If you are looking for a camping trailer that has a king size bed, then you have come to the right place. There are several different types of trailers on the market that can accommodate your needs. Here is 10 top 24 foot camper with king size bed.

1. EVO 197SS


This camper has a sleeping capacity of 6, enough to accommodate the whole family. The queen-size bed can comfortably fit two adults and a kid or two, while the bunk beds have a maximum height of 37 inches. If you’re not tired yet, there is also an additional sofa that turns into another queen size bed.

The camper comes with 2 pillows and 2 pillowcases as well as 1 comforter & 1 duvet cover set.

2. Flagstaff Micro LITE 23FBKS

Flagstaff Micro LITE 23FBKS
  • Size: 24 feet
  • King size bed: The king-size bed is the biggest available in this model and its dimensions are 79” x 79”. It can easily accommodate two people, but it can also be used as a single bed if you want to invite a friend or relative over for the night. If you prefer sleeping alone, there is still plenty of room for spreading out your belongings on the floor or placing them on top of the cabinets above your headboard (which also doubles as storage space).
  • Bathroom: The bathroom doesn’t have any fancy features like a separate shower stall or wet bar sink, but it does offer basic necessities including a toilet, sink with mirror above it, water heater tank and overhead storage compartment where you can keep all those toiletries organized in one place so they’re easy to reach whenever needed during an emergency situation such as an unexpected guest showing up unexpectedly at 2am asking “Where’s my toothbrush?” without any warning beforehand…
  • Floor plan: Like most RVs that come equipped with beds inside each day cabinside rather than having them located outside under open air conditions where insects like mosquitoes might try biting through vinyl walls while trying get access inside through tiny openings which could lead into homes causing serious harm both physically & emotionally due to painful bites & unpleasant odors left behind after treatment due …

3. Grey Wolf 19SM

Grey Wolf 19SM

The Grey Wolf 19SM is a 24-foot camper that sleeps six people and has a king size bed. It has 2 burner stoves, 2 door refrigerators, 2 door microwaves, 2 door ovens, 2 door freezers and pantries on both sides of the kitchen. There are also lots of storage areas in this camper.

For counter space there is an L shaped countertop with under cabinet lighting above it so you can see everything you need to see at night without having any lights on making it easier to sleep when you have guests over or just want to cook something before bedtime while your spouse watches tv in bed.

4. No Boundaries NB19.6

No Boundaries NB19.6

The No Boundaries NB19.6 is a 24 foot trailer and is one of the smallest in this list. It features four wheel drive and four season capabilities, as well as two slide outs, two awnings and two burner stoves with two propane tanks.

This camper can comfortably sleep six people or more if you need extra sleeping space because it has two batteries and TVs in both the living room area and bedroom area of your camper.

You can get up to date weather reports using its satellite TV service (or watch DVD’s on those rainy days). The interior of this No Boundaries camper also includes fridges, microwaves and DVD players so that everyone can be happy inside their private spaces at night after spending all day outdoors exploring wherever it is that your next adventure takes you.

5. Rockwood Mini LITE 2304KS

Rockwood Mini LITE 2304KS

The Rockwood Mini LITE 2304KS offers a spacious cabin with a king-size bed, and it’s the largest camper in its class. The dimensions of this camper are 24 feet long, 8 feet wide and 7 feet high; the weight is 2,680 pounds and can hold up to 4,000 pounds of weight.

The bed itself is 74″ long by 60″ wide; it’s made from memory foam for maximum comfort. In addition to having an electric pump for inflating your mattress on top of the gas strut mechanism for raising or lowering your bed at night (and during travel), there are also two adjustable reading lights so that you can read as well as any other light fixtures throughout your camper in case you need more illumination while inside.

6. Cruise LITE 19DBXL

Cruise LITE 19DBXL

The Cruise Lite 19DBXL is a 24-foot camper with a full bathroom, king size bed and two door refrigerator. It also has numerous other amenities: 2 burner range, 2 door freezer, 2 door pantry and closet, wardrobe.

This unit sleeps 5 people comfortably. The interior floor plan is 60″ x 80″, which makes it perfect for families of up to four people or couples who want extra roominess in their camper trailer.

7. Surveyor 201RBLE

10 Top 24 Foot Camper With King Size Bed 1

The Surveyor 201RBLE is a 24 foot camper with king size bed that sleeps six. The 3-way fridge and dishwasher are sure to make your camping trip easy and convenient.

This camper also features a satellite ready system, side awning, dual pane windows, stabilizer jacks and electric awning.


10 Top 24 Foot Camper With King Size Bed 2

The X-LITE 19DBXL is a 19′ camper with a king size bed. It also has a bathroom, kitchen, heater, refrigerator, stove and microwave. There is also a TV and DVD player as well as a radio and CD player.

9. Jay Feather X23B

Jay Feather X23B

The Jay Feather X23B is a standard RV, but it’s perfect for those who want a little more space. It’s 23 feet long and can sleep six people comfortably. The queen size bed is situated in an alcove with full length windows, which makes for a great sleeping environment. There are also two regular sized bunks that can be converted into beds if needed.

The bathroom has its own separate shower stall and toilet room. This provides privacy for all occupants of the trailer so no one ever has to share space with other bathroom users.

The kitchen comes complete with everything you need to cook meals like an oven, refrigerator / freezer compartment, stove-top burners & oven (gas or electric), microwave oven and more.

Storage throughout this camper includes drawers under the couch/dinette bed area as well as cabinets above them plus two wardrobes—one inside each bedroom closet—and multiple storage compartments around exterior walls near doors & windows too; making accessing items faster than ever before possible without having any trouble finding what you need quickly enough.

10. Freedom Express Ultra LITE 204RD

Freedom Express Ultra LITE 204RD

The Freedom Express Ultra LITE 204RD by Forest River is a 24 foot camper that sleeps six. It has two slide-outs, two awnings and one bathroom. The kitchen features a refrigerator, range/stove top, microwave and pantry.

You will find plenty of dining room space with a sofa and dinette that can be converted into an extra bed for additional sleeping space. The jackknife sofa pulls out to make another bed for added privacy when needed. A bunk bed comes standard with this camper as well.


The 24 foot camper with king size bed is an ideal option for those who want to explore the backcountry but also need a place to sleep comfortably at night. These campers offer plenty of space, great amenities in their kitchens and bathrooms, and plenty of creature comforts inside like heating or cooling systems that can make any trip more enjoyable.