5 Top Travel Trailers With King Sized Bed Under 30 feet

by Jun 15, 2022Camping, Blog, RV

Travel trailers with a king-size bed under 30 feet are a great way to travel the country in comfort. If you’re looking for something more spacious than a campervan but don’t want to tow something the size of a small house, these models could be a great fit.

1. Heartland Cyclone 3801 RV

Heartland Cyclone 3801 RV

The Heartland Cyclone 3801 RV is one of the best travel trailers with a king bed today. This model can be used for families, pets, off-roading, towing, storage, sleeping and much more.

The standard King bed with this trailer measures 72 inches long by 60 inches wide with a mattress height of 24 inches. The maximum weight capacity is 500 pounds or 130 kilograms per person, depending on how many people sleep in it at once.

It has two separate sleeping areas, making it ideal for couples or families with children who want their own space while sharing common areas like the bathroom and kitchen area when needed.

This travel trailer also offers many other amenities that make life easier while traveling, such as:

  • Awnings (for shade)
  • Bedroom Divider Curtains (for privacy)
  • Ceiling Fans (for ventilation)

2. Keystone Montana High Country 324RL

Keystone Montana High Country 324RL

The Keystone Montana High Country 324RL is one of the best-selling travel trailers on the market. This trailer offers a roomy living space and sleeping capacity for eight people, making it perfect for families or groups traveling together. The 28-foot length allows plenty of room to move around inside while offering a manageable tow weight of 6,800 pounds. In addition to its spacious interior, this unit has many other features that make it an ideal choice for your next camping trip:

3. Forest River Wolfpack 295PACK13

Forest River Wolfpack 295PACK13

The Wolfpack 295PACK13 is a fifth wheel by Forest River. It has a length of 28′, a bed size of 81″, and a dry weight of 7,350 lbs. The interior measurements are 7’8″ in width, 6’9″ in height, and 9’2″ in depth. The exterior measurements are 8’3″ in width, 8’6″ in height, and 11’6″ in length. There are two TVs in the living room and a second bedroom with a king-sized bed.

The kitchen has plenty of storage and an electric range/oven, microwave, and refrigerator with an ice maker. Outside is a patio with a table and chairs for enjoying meals outdoors. You will also find a queen bed in the master bedroom for added comfort when you need it most.

4. Keystone Impact 311

Keystone Impact 311

If you’re looking for a travel trailer with a king-size bed, we recommend the Keystone Impact 311. This travel trailer has an exterior length of 29 feet and 8 feet 7 inches. The interior measurement is 13 feet 9 inches, while the internal height is 6 feet 10 inches.

The Keystone Impact 311 comes in several colors with various options for sleeping arrangements. It has a flip-up bunk room that can accommodate three people in two full-sized beds (with no chance of being converted into two twin beds).

Outside features include side-by-side refrigerator/freezer combination units, microwave ovens and stovetops on both sides of the camper (depending on whether you need left or right access), plus plenty more kitchen appliances. Hence, you never have to go hungry while traveling down roads less traveled!

5. Grand Design Solitude 369RL

Grand Design Solitude 369RL

If you’re looking for something comfortable, spacious and versatile—and still fits under a 30-foot length—the Solitude 369RL is your best bet.

The Solitude 369RL has a 29-foot length and 85 inches of headroom. The rear queen bed can comfortably sleep two adults, while the front table converts into a second queen bed for more personal space during the night.

If you plan on spending time outdoors when camping outside of your RV home away from home, this model offers ample storage space inside and out so that clothes don’t get wrinkled during travel time or by rain showers along the way.

At 6800 pounds total weight capacity (including cargo), it weighs just shy of 7 tons, so getting towed down bumpy roads won’t be easy either!


When shopping for a new RV, you’ll likely find several models with king beds. However, not all of these RVs are created equal. The best travel trailers have extra perks, such as large bathrooms and ample storage space. Be sure to consider the number of people in your family or group before selecting. Happy traveling!