5 Top 5th Wheel Travel Trailers With King Size Beds

by Jun 15, 2022RV, Blog, Camping

In the market for a new fifth-wheel travel trailer? If so, you’re likely trying to figure out which rig will fit your needs and budget. Perhaps you prefer RVing with your significant other, or maybe you like to bring the whole family out on the road.

Regardless of how many people your travel trailer needs to accommodate, there’s one thing that every RVer can agree on: getting a good night’s sleep is essential for enjoying any adventure.

So, if you’re in search of a fifth wheel that will keep everyone comfortable at night, this guide is for you! Here are five great fifth wheels with king size beds:

1. Jayco Eagle HT Fifth Wheel 24RE

Jayco Eagle HT Fifth Wheel 24RE

The sleeping area is on the left side of the trailer, and the bedroom is on the right side. In the bedroom, you will find a king-size bed that can be lowered from its normal position to make room for a table or raised when you want room for a chair. The living area includes a sofa bed, which expands into a queen-size bed.

The kitchen features an electric induction cooktop, which uses heat instead of flames to cook food more efficiently than traditional gas stoves. In addition, an inverter generator provides power in case there is no electricity available at your campsite.

2. Forest River Wildcat Maxx Fifth Wheel M-295RSX

Forest River Wildcat Maxx Fifth Wheel M-295RSX

One of the best things about this fifth wheel is its king bed. It’sIt’s so big you won’t be able to sleep on it with your partner. The walls are made from wood, which gives this trailer a cozy and homey feel.

The 60-inch HDTV gives you plenty of room to watch all your favorite TV shows, movies and sports on the go. It also has two slideouts that give you more space for cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in your living room/bedroom area.

The microwave, stovetop burner and refrigerator will make delicious cooking meals easier than ever before! You can even get an optional oven that allows you to bake cookies or pies while traveling down the road if you want (I know I do!).

The dual-pane windows let sunlight shine while keeping insects and other pests from getting inside your RV during camping trips.

3. Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel 3855BR

Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel 3855BR

The Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel 3855BR has a king-size bed, three slides and two awnings. It also includes three televisions, one in the living room and the others in the bedroom and bathroom. 

The kitchen island has enough space to put all your food on it while you’re cooking or eating at it.

This fifth wheel also comes with a bath and half, so you can get ready in style! There is also a dinette that converts into the sleeping area if needed.

You can’t forget those extra amenities like a central vacuum, fireplace (that doesn’t require wood burning), microwave oven, refrigerator/freezer combo (gas), and an oven/range top stove combo which makes this trailer feel more like home than ever before!

4. Heartland Gateway Fifth Wheel 3200RLS Tour

Heartland Gateway Fifth Wheel 3200RLS Tour

The Heartland Gateway 3200RLS Tour is a 34-foot fifth wheel with a king-size bed, kitchen and bathroom, large living room and storage area. You get all this for less than $40,000!

It has a large bedroom that can sleep up to four people with two full-sized beds and an additional sofa bed in the living room. There are also external storage areas for your off-road toys and other items you want to keep away from prying eyes.

  • The king-size bed measures 80 inches by 59 inches, comparable to some queen mattresses on the market today, so you won’t feel cramped while sleeping in it at night.*

5. Redwood 3401RL Fifth Wheel RV

5 Top 5th Wheel Travel Trailers With King Size Beds 1

The price is the first thing you’ll notice when you look at the Redwood 3401RL Fifth Wheel RV. It’s low, starting at under $45,000. The second thing you’ll see is the size. This fifth-wheel travel trailer has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and plenty of storage space.

The front bedroom features a king-size bed, while the master bedroom offers a set of bunks that can be converted into another king-size bed if needed. In addition, the master bathroom comes with a walk-in shower and tub/shower combo unit.

The rear bunk room offers an additional double bed plus overhead storage for your extra belongings or toys for kids! The kitchen includes an island with seating for three people and a pantry with upper cabinets for storing food items easily accessible during meals on wheels!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to our top five 5th-wheel travel trailers with king size beds. If you’re looking for a camper that can make you feel like a king while on the road, then these are some of the best options out there. We’d love to hear from you. If we missed any other great ones – leave us a comment below.