7 Best Small RVs With King Beds

by Jun 14, 2022Camping, Blog, RV

Have you ever wanted to go on an endless road trip? Or to be able to explore for months at a time? If that sounds like something that interests you, then it’s time for you to consider purchasing a small rv. Small RVs have become popular in recent years. They’re not only much more convenient than other options out there, but they’re also extremely affordable. In this post, we’ll show you the top 7 best small rvs with king beds available on the market today so that you can find your perfect match!

1. Nucamp Tag

Nucamp Tag

Nucamp tag is built for a small family who wants to be able to explore the outdoors. The sleeping arrangement can accommodate up to six people, with one king bed, one queen bed and one bunk bed for kids. It also comes equipped with kitchen facilities so you don’t have to spend your time outside in the RV trying to cook your meals or pick up food from restaurants nearby.

The price of this RVs starts at $36,000 which may seem like a lot considering what other brands are offering at similar prices – but if you compare it with its competitors in terms of features and overall performance then it can easily be considered as one of the best options available today

2. Leisure Travel Vans Wonder

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder

The Leisure Travel Vans Wonder is a small RV that will allow you and your family to travel in style. This 24-foot travel trailer comes with three beds, two kitchens, and two bathrooms. The sleeping capacity of this motorhome is six people.

The king bed in the front sleeps two people, while there are three queen beds in the rear — one each behind the driver’s seat, passenger seat, and dinette bench. There’s also a full bed above the cab portion of this camper van which sleeps one person comfortably thanks to its high ceiling.

The Leisure Travel Vans Wonder offers enough seating for seven people inside its walls: one captain chair at each end of the table that converts into another full size bed; an L-shaped couch facing forward towards flat panel TVs with DVD players built-in; breakfast bar seating for four on either side of cabinetry below kitchen countertops/refrigerator; dinette bench opposite couch has sufficient space for eating meals or relaxing after dinner before bedtime (turns into third queen bed).

3. Coachmen Pursuit

Coachmen Pursuit

Coachmen Pursuit is a great choice for those who are looking for something compact and lightweight, but still have the option of sleeping up to 6 people comfortably. This RV is just shy of 20 feet long, so it’s small enough that you can tow it with most cars or SUVs on the market today.

The exterior features an aerodynamic front end with integrated front storage compartments and an optional full-width diamond plate aluminum bumper that adds strength without adding weight.

The interior offers seating for 4 adults indoors as well as 2 more adults outside in its cargo area if you need extra seating on your travels or at campgrounds where space may be limited.

If you want more sleeping room than the king bed provides plus storage space for all your gear, there are other models available in this line with bunk beds that can sleep up to 8 people total!

4. Thor Vegas

7 Best Small RVs With King Beds 1

The Thor Vegas is a small RV with a king bed. You can tell from the outside that it has a king bed, because it’s called the Thor Vegas and not something like “The This Is Not A King Bed.”

The Thor Vegas will provide you with an experience unlike any other—the same way that sleeping in an RV with a king bed will provide you with more comfort than sleeping on the ground without one.

5. Forest River Forester 3011dsf

Forest River Forester 3011dsf

If you’re looking for a small RV with a king-sized bed, the Forest River Forester 3011DSF is your best bet. This model comes equipped with two beds: the king bed in the rear of the unit and a queen bed in the front.

There’s also a sofa bed that can be placed anywhere in your floor plan, so if you need extra space on one end or another, simply slide it out and set up camp!

The bathroom features a shower/tub combination and an overhead cabinet that gives you plenty of room to store all your toiletries.

The kitchen has everything you need to prepare meals while camping—including overhead cabinets that allow easy access when cooking on top of gas stove tops (or microwaves).

With seating at both ends of this unit, there’s plenty of room for everyone during those family getaways! You’ll love watching TV after dinner while lounging around on comfortable sofas—and if there are kids running around outside playing games or riding bikes nearby? No problem: just open up some windows so they can come inside without having trouble getting through them!

6. Casita Liberty

7 Best Small RVs With King Beds 2

The Casita Liberty is 6.5 feet wide, 7 feet long and 6 feet high. It has a 3 foot bed, 3 foot bath, 3.5 foot closet and a kitchen that’s also only three feet across (but still boasts a 2-foot sofa). The dinette is also just as narrow at 3 feet. The table is no more than two feet long while the sink is under two feet wide.

The Casita Liberty will be available in early 2019 for those who want to live life on the road with their king bed intact—and it won’t break the bank either!

7. Adria Coral 670SC Supreme

7 Best Small RVs With King Beds 3

The Adria Coral 670SC Supreme is a small RV with a king size bed, bathroom with shower, kitchen with microwave and sink. The lounge area has a dining table and chairs which convert into a bed. The RV also has air conditioning, tow hitch and rear facing seats.

The master bedroom features a king size bed that can be separated into two twin beds if required. There is also an ensuite bathroom with toilet, sink and shower cubicle so you won’t have to share like in some larger motorhomes!

The second bedroom has two single beds that can convert into one double or bunk over ladder if needed. This room does not have its own en suite bathroom but there is one just outside where you can freshen up after your trip around town!


We know this is a lot of information to go through, but hopefully it will make your decision making process easier! You’ll have time to digest the options and see which one suits your needs best. The key thing we want you to remember here is that no RV or camper is perfect.

It all depends on what you need as an individual or family when choosing the right setup for yourselves. After doing some research we found out that most people choose based on price over features so keep this in mind too! So when looking at smaller RVs with all these excellent qualities, don’t forget: they’re just as good (if not better) than their full-sized counterparts.