10 Amazing rock climbing Spots in Los Angeles

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Are you looking for rock climbing spots in Los Angeles Or You are tired of asking your friends how do i find rock climbing near me? Rock climbing is a sport that is gaining popularity fast. According to 2018 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report, approximately 10, 150,000 Americans (2.5% of the population over the age of 10) participated in rock climbing activities such as mountaineering, indoor climbing, bouldering, traditional climbing and sport climbing. Rock climbing not only helps to build strength and endurance, but it also helps to boost brain function. Additionally, rock climbing helps to reduce stress, build confidence and creates social connection. So do want to engage in this thrilling sport for the first time or are you a pro looking for more challenging rock climbs near Los Angeles? If yes, then today you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share 10 most amazing rock climbing spots near Los Angeles.

1. Joshua Tree National park

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Joshua Tree National Park

Located in a vast protected area in southern California, Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most rock renowned climbing spots near Los Angeles. The park has thousands of climbing routes and countless of bouldering problems. Both pro climbers and rookies have something to enjoy. Pro climbers can choose more challenging climbs while beginners can stick to bouldering problems. If you plan to visit the park often for rock climbing, then we recommend that you pay the annual subscription fee that costs $80. One time subscription costs $25. Ensure that you carry all necessary rock climbing gears. There is no running water in the park, so carry your own water. Children should be accompanied by their parents /guardians and should only climb under the supervisor of rock climbing instructor.

2. Point Dume Park

Point Dume is a peninsula on the coast of Malibu, southern California. Apart from the pristine beach, point Dume is also known for rock climbing. Point Dume is ideal for intermediate and beginner rock climbers. In fact, it is among the few rock climbing near me in Los Angeles where you will climb rock while enjoying epic ocean views. Climbers can set top rope anchors for easy and safer climbs. Most cliffs in Point Dume are rated 5.10 and below. Because if it’s spectacular ocean views and strategic location, this rock climbing spot is usually bustling on weekends. So, if you want to have a good time, then we advise that you check it out during weekdays.

3. Vasquez rock Climbing

Vasquez rock is a 932-acre park located in sierra Pelona Mountains in northern Los Angeles, California. This park was named after a famous Mexican bandit who took advantage of the large rocks in the area to hide from authorities. Today, Rack Vasquez is a popular Hollywood film spot. Vasquez rock has over 30 documented climbs, and the majority of them are top-roping. Many routes are climbable. The park management has put out stringent laws that prohibit climbers from altering the rocks in any way. This means no bolting or use of climbing gears in some places. So before you head out this amazing rock climbing spot, do our research to find routes that you can safely climb.

4.Riverside Quarry

The riverside quarry is just a 1.5-hour drive from downtown Lose Angeles. This climbing spot is known for its outstanding tall, slick granite walls that are more than 100 feet. Most walls are graded between 5.10 and 5.12. Apart from its amazing granite wall, this spot is tranquil thus ideal for people who want to relax and have a peace of mind. Riverside quarry has many amazing routes, including the Schoolhouse Rock area that was recently developed. Before you visit Riverside Quarry, consider the temperature, season and climbing time. Climbing in the afternoon is not recommended because the weather is usually too hot.

5. Malibu Creek Park

Malibu Creek Park covers about 8,000 acres of land and feature’s amazing climbing routes around a range of sport areas and boulder. This park has some of the best climbable volcanic rocks in the country. This climbing spot is ideal for beginners and seasoned climbers looking for a challenging rock climbs. The most popular climbing spots include the Ghetto wall, Mash Boulder and Planet of the Apes wall.

6. The Devils Punchbowl

The Devils Punchbowl
The Devils Punchbowl

Located north on the top of the San Andrea’s fault, Devils Punchbowl is one of the best climbing spots near Los Angeles. Apart from its amazing non-verticals climbs, Devils Punchbowl is a tranquil area thus ideal for people who want to cool off from the busy city life. Devils Punchbowl is great for top rope climbers and sports lead. It also has decent bouldering spots. This climbing spot is ideal for novice and intermediate climbers.

7. Horse Flats Campground

Horse flats Campground has some of the greatest granite bouldering spots in Los Angeles. It has tons of beginner bouldering routes (V0-V5) and easy to climb top-roping routes (5.6-5.11). It is, therefore, a great place for beginners who want to learn rock climbing and intermediate climbers. Due to its proximity to the city center, the Horse flat is usually crowded on weekends. If you want to have a great time, we recommend that you visit this great climbing spot during weekdays.

8. Stoney Point

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Stoney Point

Located at the heart of Los Angeles City Park near the Topanga Canyon, Stoney point is filled with amazing bouldering routes with a range of VO and V5. This climbing spot is scenic, convenient and beginner-friendly. It boasts of classic routes like the Tree Pigs (V0) the Crystal Ball (V4) and the Hot Tuna (V5). There are more than 150 routes. Stoney Point is one of the most popular beginner and intermediate climbing spots in Los Angeles and just 30-45 minute drive from most Los Angeles suburbs.

9. The Echo cliffs

The Echo cliffs
The Echo cliffs

The Echo cliff is located right off the pacific coast highway in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is considered to be the only backcountry cliffs in Los Angeles. The echo cliffs boast of scenic views, and steep rock climbs. The area has more than 180 sport routes ranging from 5.8 to 5.12. Echo Cliffs climbs are more challenging thus ideal for more experienced climbers. When you visit this great climbing spot, ensure that you carry proper climbing gears. Rockfalls are quite common on these routes, so wear a helmet before you start climbing.

10. Tahquitz and suicide rocks

Tahquitz and suicide rocks
Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks

This climbing sport is located in Mount San Jacinto state park, just two-hour drive from downtown Los Angeles. Just like its name suggests, this climbing spot is not suitable for beginners. Most of the routes range from one to seven pitches thus only suitable for pro climbers. To enjoy your climbs, you need to have a rack. Rockfalls are also common in these routes. So, it is important to wear a helmet before climbing.

How to Look for bouldering near me

Bouldering Simply mean climbing on large boulders, either for paractise or as a sport in its own right.(From Oxford American Dictionary).

Looking for bouldering spot near me was a little bit tiring, the way you could get around this is driving, walking or any means of transportation you have. It’s important to note that climbing man-made structures is considered bouldering and usually illegal and risky thing to do. The next thing you would want to do after locating any bouldering spot is to check and see if it can hold your weight, and how you do this is by finding a handhold or rock chip and basically pull yourself on it with all the strength you have. If the boulder breaks then you know it isn’t ok but if it holds you then you found one bouldering spot near you.