Buying vs Renting RV For First Time Campers 2022

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Going on a vacation and spending your holiday camping opens a world of endless possibilities. And when you choose to use an RV for that trip it’s a whole lot of extraordinary experience.

Considering buying vs renting RV for first time campers can be an overwhelming decision, but the good news? We have done all the research to help you make the right decision.

Sit back and enjoy the pros and cons of renting or buying an RV, to help you in reaching a better and informed conclusion on the option that is better for you.


Getting familiarize: 

If you are a first timer and you are curious about RV camping lifestyle, renting allows you to have a first-hand feeling about the whole experience without having to commit yourself financially to buying one.

Imagine buying an RV for $120,000 and realizing that you don’t actually like the stress that comes with managing an RV, from setting up the water supply, electricity, dump stations and even getting used to driving around a motorhome for the very first time.

Renting an RV is simply the best way to get used to the RV lifestyle before considering owning one.

Saves you money:

If you wouldn’t be going RV camping every other month and you are planning on using it let say twice in a year, then renting an RV is your best option.

According to – One of the top peer-to-peer RV renting marketplace, it costs between $50-$275 per night and this is around $1375 maximum, for 5 days.

With this you could rent an RV for 40years for less than what it would cost to buy one.

Use and Test Drive Different RVs:

There are two types of RVs – Towable and Motorized RVs, and within these two types we have different classes and categories.

With renting you get the choice of test driving and using any of the RVs to see their features and functionalities. This will help you decide the best RV that suits your camping lifestyle.

No Repair or Maintenance cost:

With renting RVs, the maintenance and repair costs are handled by the rental companies. You are not bothered with any of those, the companies make sure their RVs are in the perfect conditions and if for any reason during your usage it develops fault, they are responsible for the repair and cost associated with it.


As renting could be ideal for campers, it could also have some disadvantages that would make buying an option.

Prepping RV Every time:

Having to organize every new rental RV for your trip could be overwhelming and some people would rather avoid it.

Having to deal with the stress of RV rental companies booking and planning the trip before time is quite a daunting task to some people and they would rather prefer to own theirs than go through the stress.

Sharing Bathroom and Sleeping Quarters:

Buying vs Renting RV For First Time Campers 2022 1

To some people sharing these amenities are something they can’t simply wrap their heads around and considering their health and hygiene, they would prefer to use their personal RV for their camping trips.

Rental Rules and Regulations:

Before renting RVs, you would be made aware of rules and regulations of renting RVs by the rental companies and you would have to sign some contracts and agreements.

And these contracts are meant to protect rental companies against financial loss should there be any incident.

And this could be a financial burden on you if any incident occurs that you’re found faulty.


Owning RVs opens the world of endless exploration without limit, you have the liberty to live anywhere and still enjoy the luxury and comfort of living in your own personal space.

It’s a liberating experience.

Freedom of customizing your RV:

buying vs renting rv for first time campers

With the everyday discovery of new technologies, it is normal for RV owners to continuously seek to upgrade their RVs for smarter, luxurious and more comfortable experiences.

You can modify your RV when and however you want.

Readily Available:

Owning RVs gives you the flexibility to use it at any given time without prior planning and going through the stress that comes with trying to rent one from a rental company.

For RVer’s Freak: 

For regular campers buying an RV is a better financial investment and it would allow you to spend time at so many locations without having to rent regularly.

A source of passive income:

Instead of allowing your RV to sit idle when not in use when you are not camping, you can rent it through third party peer-to-peer RV rental companies. 

With this you can begin to earn passively, this can also take care of the maintenance and repair cost that comes with owning an RV.

Ready to use:

With your personal RV, you have all your supplies readily available anytime you are ready to hit the road, but with a rental RV, you have to get your supplies yourself from toiletries, bedding, bathing and cooking equipment.


Before considering buying an RV, it is important you also know some of the common disadvantages that come with buying a recreational vehicle.

Huge Financial Investment:

The cost of owning a brand-new RV ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the type and features you want. 

And also, the cost of licensing, insurance and equipping the RV to your taste are not left out. These have to be considered if it’s a commitment you would be glad you took.

Maintenance and Repairs:

There are a lot of repair and maintenance costs that come with RV which are different from our everyday cars or SUVs.

It’s a moving house with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and there are cooling, heating, electrical and plumbing systems that will need to be maintained or repaired overtime.

You have to be prepared for these extra yearly expenses that come with owning a RV.

Parking your RV When not in-use:

Keeping your RV when not in-use is something you would want to give consideration to. The normal size of the smallest RV isn’t that small.

Keeping it safe and secured should be considered and also making sure it’s not exposed to rodents and insects to avoid damages.

Investing in protective cover for the exterior should also be considered when shopping for an RV.


If you’ve read to this extent, I want to believe I’ve made it easier for you to make the best decision that better suits your state of either renting or buying an RV.

Happy RV camping and go explore the world!