Best 10 Horseback Riding San Diego, CA

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So you are trying to figure out where to go next for horseback riding San Diego. The county has plenty of them but the only hurdle can be identifying the best facility out of a long list. We have done that part for you. Here are the top 10 horseback riding facilities in San Diego.

Bravado Farms


If you are looking for the best horseback riding facility that offers affordable training programs, you need to put into consideration Bravado Farms. Training programs are offered in packages starting from $75 per lesson which is quite cheap if you compare with similar ranches in San Diego. An introductory lesson will cost you as low as $45. In addition, affordable horse shows and partial grooming services are also offered. Unlike most other ranches in San Diego, Bravado Farms remains closed during the weekends. Here are the services that are not offered: 1-time lessons, horse renting, and trail rides.

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon


The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is a marvelous place to visit. There is a lot you can do here besides horse riding. For instance, once you have combed the trails with your horse, you can retreat in the wildlife section of the ranch and have gorgeous views of nature and wild animals. Perhaps the most reassuring part of your trip here would be to learn that you can stay for one or two days in one of their rustic cabins, something you should go ahead and do.

Forth Down


Forth Down would be a great place for you to be if you are looking for an intimate horseback riding facility with plenty of fjord horses (Norwegian horses). This facility is one of the few best in San Diego you would find a stable with fjords and no other type of horse. A typical horseback riding lesson here would entail dressage (mostly western dressage) and jumping. Dog training is also offered. Once you are through with your lessons, you can take a guided trail ride nearby. Sarah, the proprietor of this facility, has been riding horses since when she was thirteen years and she happens to teach the learners herself. Unfortunately, this facility does not offer horse rental services.

Flower Hill Farms


Flower Hill Farms is situated in Del Mar, California (which is within San Diego county) at RidgeMar Equestrian Center. Unlike most other horseback riding facilities that want to offer a myriad of services, Hailey Flowers, the main trainer at the facility, strictly specializes in hunter and jumper riding. As such, it is an excellent place to go if that is your area of interest. Riders of all ages are welcome. The atmosphere has been tuned for the comfort of families and single individuals alike.

Pony Land San Diego Beach Rides

If you are looking for a one-stop full-service stable located right on the turquoise watered beach on the west coast, you might want to try out San Diego Beach Rides. Anytime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm during the weekend, you can rent a horse and gallop your way up the nearby trail or simply explore the length of Imperial Beach. It is friendly for all ages between 7 years and seniors. Kids will be particularly thrilled with pony rides and a visit to the petting zoo.

Blanco Brothers Ranch


This ranch is located along Hollister Street, adjacent and to the east of Tijuana River Valley Regional Park. It is a great place to kill time over the weekend alone or with kids. It is one of a fistful of ranches on this list that deals almost exclusively in horseback riding services – no petting zoos, no history class, just a full day of horse riding on the beach and trail. Chuy, the owner of this ranch, is popular among regular visitors here. They praise him as a patient and charming guy to be around. All in all, the serene environment of this ranch and professional horseback riding services could be why you would want to be here.

Rancho El Camino Equestrian


If you are looking for a horseback service provider that doubles as a horse training school in San Diego, you should look no further than this facility. Rancho El Camino Equestrian is one of those places you can bring a child or adult who has never been on the horse’s back before and they’ll leave not only knowing the basics of horse riding but also having enjoyed the entire trip. The provision of children lessons, camping services, and the relaxed atmosphere makes this venue an excellent place to bring your child to a birthday party.

Surfside Ranch


Surfside Ranch is yet another dedicated horseback ranch that deals in nothing else but unforgettable riding experience on the backs of some of the gentlest horses of southern California. Your kids can play and touch the soft backs of foals under the watch of attentive guides as you frolic with other adventurers on the beach and nature trails, all while perched on the back of a horse.

Horsemanship Academy


Are you looking for an academy where you or your children would learn the details of horsemanship and have a good time at the same time? You should try out Horsemanship Academy. Few academies combine California dreams and age-old European traditions as perfectly as this academy does. It is situated in a secluded and private location in the serene terrains of Olivenhain. Besides horsemanship training, some of the other services offered include horse shows, horse leasing, and groom days and events.

The Lucky 7 Seven Ranch


This ranch offers a range of horseback riding-related services including riding lessons, horse sale and lease, and trailer parking. Visitors who frequent here rate this facility’s amenities highly: one large 50 ft round pen and small 30 ft round pen, 3 stall wash rack, expansive arena, personal tack shed/room, etc. One of the things we consider when visiting any horseback riding facility is the amount of open space that’s available, and this facility doesn’t disappoint. The onsite facility manager makes it even more likable, for you are assured of maximum care.