5 Best Ways on How to make coffee while camping

by Feb 14, 2020Camping

It’s fun to know how to make coffee while camping whether it is a weekend trip, an overnight trip, a day trip or a week-long team-building trip, camping provides peace of mind and serenity, away from busy city life. It also allows you to bond with family/friends/ colleagues and interact with nature. If you love camping, then you will agree that one of the best parts is drinking a cup of coffee while talking to your friends, family members, or colleagues on an open campfire. But the craving for a cup of coffee is one thing, and preparing it is another thing. If you would love to enjoy a cup of coffee while camping, then today, you have landed in the right place. In this post, we are going to give you tips on how to make coffee while camping. The technique to choose should depend on your budget, your coffee taste, and existing standards.

1. Instant coffee

Instant coffee is ideal for campers who love coffee, but they don’t have much time preparing one. Instant coffee is lightweight, packable, and easy to make. However, it does not have the best reputation when it comes to taste. The time needed to prepare instant coffee is around 30 seconds. Things that you need to make include water, kettle, source of heat, coffee granules, and a cup.

How to make instant coffee:

  • Boil water on the stove or over a fire until it boils
  • Add coffee granules on the boiling water and stir for about 20 seconds
  • Remove coffee granule and enjoy your coffee

Ideal use: Instant coffee is perfect for bike camping, backpacking, winter camping, survivalist camping, and anyone who wants to reduce weight and save space.

2. Cowboy coffee

If you are a type of camper who loves to carry minimal gears while camping and you want to enjoy good coffee every morning, cowboy coffee is an excellent choice for you. Cowboy coffee is not the best, but it is much better than instant coffee. The entire brewing process will take about four minutes. Things that you need include water kettle, coffee grounds, and source of heat. However, since coffee grounds do not dissolve, cleanup can be quite a bit challenging.

How to prepare:

  • Boil water
  • Allow water on the kettle to cool for about 2 minutes
  • Add coffee grounds and stir. You will hear a sizzling sound and some foam once coffee grounds come in contact with hot water.
  • Allow the coffee ground to settle at the bottom of the kettle
  • Pour coffee gently in your cup, and enjoy it.

Ideal use: Cowboy coffee doesn’t require a lot of equipment. It is also easy to make and a bit tasty that instant coffee. It is suitable for those who don’t have much space to carry unique coffee brewing tools and those who want to prepare coffee fast. It is widely recommended for work camping, winter camping, bike camping, backpacking, and work camping.

3. Pour-over coffee

Pour-over coffee is made from pour over stand. The entire preparation process will take about 6 minutes. Things that you need include coffee grounds, kettle, the water source of heat, filter cone, and dripper.

This technique is ideal for people who want to prepare quality coffee within a short time. It is also suitable for people who wish to save space. The cleanup process is too simple; once you are done preparing your coffee, all that you need to do is rinse, flatten then pack it up.

How to prepare:

  • Pop to open the cone
  • Set a bottom ring on top of your mug
  • Place a filter inside the cone
  • Add coffee
  • Boil water then let it cool for a while
  • Pour enough water on the cone and allow it to bloom for about a minute
  • Remove the cone and enjoy

Ideal use: Pour over coffee is perfect for serious coffee lovers. It is perfect for all types of camping.

4. French press coffee

French press coffee makers are widely used in camping because they are lightweight, compact, and durable. This equipment is also easy to use and makes excellent coffee with rich, quality taste. Things needed include coffee grounds, French press coffee maker, and water. The entire coffee-making process takes about four minutes.

How to prepare french press coffee:

  • Boil water then allow it to cool for a while
  • Pour water halfway into the French press then wait for your coffee to bloom
  • Pour the remaining water until the French press is full.
  • Allow the coffee to mix for about a minute. If you want a stronger coffee, then you should let the coffee brew for about 3 minutes.
  • Press the French press plunger gently to pour the coffee on your cup.

Ideal use: French press coffee is perfect for van camping, car camping, RV camping, work camping, winter camping backpacking, and anyone else who loves a simple coffee brewing method that produces rich quality taste.

5. Use an Aeropress container

Aeropress is a blend of a French press, pneumatic press, and pour-over. An Aeropress container can make an espresso shot or an American style coffee. Aeropress container is known for delivering smooth and incredibly rich coffee. The preparation process will take less than three minutes. Cleanup is also very easy since it compresses coffee grounds into a small puck. Things needed to prepare coffee using this method include water. Kettle, coffee grounds, and Aeropress.

How to prepare:

  • Add two spoons of coffee on the larger tube of the Aeropress container
  • Soak coffee grounds for about 30 seconds
  • Add hot water into the Aeropress container until it is full
  • Stir the mixture for about a minute
  • Place a plunger on the chamber then gently press down to pour coffee to your cup.

Ideal use: This technique is suitable for people who want to prepare rich quality coffee with a smooth taste. It is excellent for car camping RV camping, van camping, and backpacking.


There are multiple ways to make coffee while you are camping. If you don’t want to carry or buy coffee brewing equipment, you should stick with methods like the cowboy method or instant coffee. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy high-quality coffee with a rich, smooth taste, then you should use equipment such as French press or Aeropress container.