How to protect mattress in your RV

by Jun 18, 2022Blog, Camping, RV

When you buy an RV mattress, you expect it to last a long time. Unfortunately, many campers don’t realize how easy it is to ruin their mattress with stains and bedwetting issues. That’s why one of the most important things you can do for your RV mattress protects it from the beginning.

Never use your RV mattress without a sheet on it

The mattress is the most expensive piece of furniture in your RV, and it’s one of the most challenging pieces to replace. When you’re on the road, your mattress will get dirty—and if a sheet or blanket does not protect it, it will be impossible to clean it when you get home.

So no matter where you’re staying for the night, remember: never use your RV mattress without a sheet on top. Put two or three layers between yourself and that dirty old thing underneath!

Even though mattress protectors are waterproof, you should still use a sheet

Even though mattress protectors are waterproof, you should still use a sheet. Mattresses can get dirty from spills, dirt, and pets. If children will be sleeping in your RV, it’s also essential to keep the bed protected from their accidents. A sheet will also help keep the protector clean by preventing wear and tear.

A sheet barrier between the protector and your mattress will keep you cool

If you find yourself sweating through your sheets, try using a sheet barrier between your protector and mattress. A sheet barrier is a sleep-friendly blanket that helps keep you cool by letting in the air while keeping out dust mites and allergens.

It’s made of breathable material, so not only can you still breathe while under it, but if something leaks onto the protector (like water), it won’t soak through to the actual mattress where it would cause damage or discomfort when lying down on it later.

You’ll also want to ensure that any extra sheets on top of your bed are breathable, so they don’t block all incoming airflow while you sleep!

The sheet will catch stains before your protector does

Place the sheet on top of your mattress and gently smooth it out. This will help prevent any stains from getting through to your mattress protector.

The sheet also makes making your bed in the morning easier without having to deal with a wrinkle-free protector underneath.

You can use as many sheets as you want to make your bed

You can use as many sheets as you want to make your bed. The more sheets, the better!

This is one of the best ways to protect your mattress from dirt and stains, especially if you have kids prone to spills and accidents. You may also want to add another sheet on top of all these sheets for a little extra padding, which will help keep you and your RV mattress comfortable for a long time.

If making a bed seems like too much work or doesn’t seem worth it for some reason (maybe because it seems like too much work), then don’t worry about adding another layer—leave everything alone at this point, but still go back through this guide when necessary because there are other steps left before complete protection has been achieved.


We hope you have learned about the numerous ways you can protect your RV mattress and ensure it lasts for as long as possible. Remember that a good mattress is essential, so keep one safe using sheets, waterproof covers, and other accessories when necessary.