Basic Guide To Rock Climbing for Kids 2020

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When we think of rock climbing for kids, We all want our kids to grow up active, physically fits, healthy and mentally agile. Unfortunately, we are in the age where most kids spend most of their time glued to electronic devices. That explains why cases of child obesity and diabetes have increased. Children need to be active every day to promote healthy growth and development. One sporting activity that has proven beyond doubt to be engaging, fun and healthy for kids is rock climbing. So, is rock climbing for kids a good sport? What are its benefits? Locations of rock climbing spots? And how can you help your kid get started? In this post, we are going to tell you everything about rock climbing and why it is best suited for your kid.

Is rock climbing for kids safe

Is rock climbing for kids safe?

This is a question that you are probably asking yourself right now. Many people still think that rock climbing is only suitable for well-trained rock climbers and far too dangerous and unsuitable for kids. However, that is not true. Statistically, rock climbing is one of the safest sports compared to traditional sports like soccer, hockey and rugby. But just like in other adventure sports, rock climbing requires adequate preparation and mental preparedness.

However, the chance of your kid being injured is nearly impossible because of stringent safety measures associated with rock climbing. Before your kid starts rock climbing, he/she will first go through rock climbing classes to learn the basics of rock climbing. He/she will also be provided with all necessary climbing gears include helmets, high-performance climbing shoes among many others to ensure smooth and safe climbing. A safety rope is wrapped on the waist to protect the child against falling. A rock climbing instructor will also guide your child through every step to ensure that he climbs smoothly and safely. So, when it comes to safety, then rock climbing for kids is among the safest sports for kids.

rock climbing for kids

What is the ideal age for kids to start rock climbing?

Experts recommend that toddlers should start rock climbing when they hit five years. This is because this is the age when kids can follow instructions given to the latter. They also have more independence and can make a wise decision on their own. However, there is no physical fitness barrier that stops kids from starting this fun sporting at an earlier age.

For instance, if your kid is three but has sufficient motor skills and ability to follow instructions given by the instructor, then you can start taking the child for rock climbing classes. The recommended age for rock climbing is five, but you can take your kid earlier if he has sufficient motor skills required for rock climbing.

rock climbing for kids

Indoor or outdoor, which one is better for kids?

Both indoor and outdoor rock climbing is excellent for kids. Indoor rock climbing is recommended for kids who are just starting because it provides a more controlled environment that is easier for kids to learn faster. Indoor climbing offers kids with the necessary confidence and techniques needed to climb outdoors.

On the other hand, outdoors climbing gives toddlers a chance to interact and relate to nature. However, climbing outdoor is a bit challenging and requires the child to have first acquired the necessary climbing skills form indoor rock climbing. But outdoor rock climbing for kids is still safe because they have well-defined paths that are easy for children to follow when climbing. A professional climbing instructor also guides them.

What does rock climbing program for kids involve?

rock climbing for kids

Rock climbing for kids involves various stages. The first stage consists of explaining to the kids what rock climbing is all about and its benefits. The second stage involves giving the kids tips on how to climb a rock. A practical example accompanies all tips given for easy grasping. All safety measures needed for rock climbing are also shared. The final and most crucial stage is practising. This is the state where all tips given are put to the test. However, all practical lessons are supervised closely by a trained rock climber.

What are the benefits of rock climbing at an early age?

· Increases their strength, flexibility and endurance

Rock climbing will help to boost your child’s strength, flexibility and endurance. Rock climbing is one of the best full-body workout sports. Research shows that it works on 85% of all body muscles. So, if you want to build your child’s strength and endurance, then rock climbing for kids is a great choice. As your child graduates from one state to another, his strength, flexibility and endurance will also continue to increase.

· It boosts their problem solving and decision-making abilities

Rock climbing is not just about testing your child’s strength and endurance; it also examines his problem solving and decision-making skills. There are many different routes available, and your child will have to decide which path to follow. Choose the best way means reaching a peak fast and with less effort. On the other hand, selecting the wrong route means taking long and in some instance, not reach the top. As your child gains more climbing experience, he will think critically before making any step. The problem solving and decision making skill that he will acquire from rock climbing help him in other aspects of life.

· It builds confidence and self-esteem

Climbing a rock at first can be scary and intimidating at first for a kid. However, if you assure the kid that he can make it, then we will slowly start to believe in him/herself and give it a try. With time your child will overcome all the fears and climb the rock with minimal supervision. Climbing a rock can go a long way in boosting your child’s self-esteem and confidence. If he can climb a rock, then he will know that he can face anything that life throws. The courage that rock climbing will give your kid will enable him to face other challenges that he comes across boldly.

· It enhances your child social skills

Rock climbing for kids allows your child to interact and mingle with other kids. It provides an excellent opportunity for him to sharpen his social skills. The social skills that he will learn at this age will help him throughout his life.

In conclusion, rock climbing is an excellent sport for kids. It is not only fun, but it also sharpens other aspects of the kid’s life. It is also safe thus ideal for kids. We recommend this sporting activity for parents who are looking for an all-round sport for their kids.

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