What is rtr Camping – All You need to know About RTR Camping 2020

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What is RTR Camping

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, commonly known as RTR Camping, is a gathering that brings together RV’ers, van dwellers and is the place to go if you are interested in having a good time. It is the biggest free nomadic get-together in the USA and takes place every January in Quartzsite, Arizona. RTR is likened to the burning man of the nomadic movement since it lets like minded nomads gravitate into their groups in the mid of the desert.

Origin of Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

The camping experience was started by CheapRVLiving.com founder Bob Wells in 2010 and had forty-five attendees in its first year. The event has become famous over the years and recorded an estimated five thousand people in 2019 from all over the US kickstarting with women’s RTR.

RTR assists attendees to be successful in van dwelling lifestyle and building a supportive community for women. The program contains yoga and meditation, networking sessions, and mentoring for women. It would be best if you were self-sufficient when attending RTR because there are no provisions for attendees.

What you will learn at RTR Camping

There are plenty of activities you can enjoy while in the RTR camping to make it a memorable experience that includes:

• Hiking- the warm desert atmosphere and openness of attendees is ideal for taking a tour of the numerous rigs and leave you with adventure stories to share.

• Photography- there are plenty of beautiful sites that are ideal for amazing photoshoots to help you capture the camping experience.

• Gold prospecting- is a popular outdoor recreation that involves searching for new gold deposits. You can explore this experience at RTR Camping.

• Rock hounding- you will get a chance to collect various rocks, minerals, and fossils in the vast desert.

• Shopping the vendors- there are plenty of items available for sale ranging from handmade goods to gems and groceries at the outdoor flea market.

• Information on solar power- you can learn from the nomadic tribe community on tips for solar panel installation and maintenance.

• Attending seminars organized by members of this nomadic tribe- the seminars are informative as they provide insights on how to better your camping experience.

• Build lasting friendships and share knowledge- RTR camping offers campers a chance to socialize and make friends.

Attendees of RTR Camping

Van dwellers are the most common campers at the RTR. However, the RTR experience is available to anyone who appreciates the outdoor life. The atmosphere is friendly, and attendees are considered part of the nomadic tribe. RTR attendees take advantage of the trips to learn as much as possible while interacting with different peoples and nature.

Beginner tips for Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

• Dry desert- Quartzsite is a dusty and dry place. You should, therefore, minimize your daily water consumption. Remember to tag along with your sunscreen and lip balm.

• Sand, scrub trees, and gravel- you can count on there being nothing at the camping site. Therefore, you should remember to carry your necessities.

• Expensive food- the nearest place you can get your supplies at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous is Parker, about one hour from Quartzsite.

• Carry a headlamp or flashlight- if you plan on going outside after dusk, the ground is quite uneven, rocky, and consists of ducts and cactus; thus, a flashlight will come in handy.

• Respect space- you should try to avoid people’s campsites and respect fellow campers’ privacy.

Advantages of RTR Camping

• Pricing- Bob Wells has kept the event free of charge owing to the spirit of the game, which is all about nomadism, making the event accessible for anyone to take part.

• The community- the event brings together like-minded individuals from over the US and gives them a sense of belonging and a chance to interact and connect. Members assist each other in solar panel installation, chilling around campfires and cooking community meals.

• Friendships- RTR brings together campers from all walks of life comprising hippies and hipsters, conservative and liberal, rich and poor, young and old. You will find plenty of people like you and a chance to interact and make friends.

• Bob Wells- the founder is an iconic figure in American nomadism and provides free valuable resources to van dwellers. Wells is conversant with those who have been pushed to a nomadic lifestyle because of financial difficulties. Once you sign up for RTR, you get the opportunity of becoming a member of the prestigious Rubber Tramp Rendezvous Tribe.

• Trade- RTR takes place in Quartzsite, Arizona. The small-town swells to more than three times its size in January and February, making it an ideal stop for vendors, thus fostering trade in the region.

• Information- RTR provides daily programs ranging from boondocking seminar to nomad safety, giving you a chance to expand your knowledge and gain essential skills.

• Ample parking- Quartzsite and its environs are readily accessible for all size recreational vehicles.

Disadvantages of RTR Camping

• Location- the desert location at Quartzsite, Arizona has little to offer besides free camping for the following reasons; cellular internet during RTR is poor since the towers tend to be overwhelmed due to large turnout. Disposal of trash is hectic because finding dumpsters is not easy; hence it is advisable to minimize waste. Fresh produce is also hard to come by; thus you will experience minimum grocery options.

• Overcrowding- the number of attendees grows steadily over the years. The big crowd will tend to limit your privacy while at the RTR. The event witnessed less than fifty attendees at its inception in 2010 and had attendees exceeding five thousand by 2019. Campsites are therefore often crowded, full of drama and sometimes quite loud.

• Time management- if you attend the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, you will need proper time management to decide between socialization and learning. First-timers are recommended to attend as many seminars as possible. You will receive valuable information on nomadism. The event is all about socializing and community for second-timers.

• Indiscipline- initially, the event was self-policed, and the attendees were well-coordinated and respectful. However, because of large crowds, it has become essential to have a code and consequences for those who break the rules to maintain order.

• Noise- due to the large numbers, noise pollution is prevalent at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. It would be wise for you to carry some earplugs for your listening pleasure.

In conclusion, Rubber Tramp Rendezvous is an informative camping experience for both nomads and everyone interested in desert camping. You should, therefore, try it out for a unique RTR experience.